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Boat rental in the Ionian sea.


There are many points - starting points for boat rental in the Ionian sea. Furthermore, the Ionian sea has cosmopolitan glamour, huge history and natural wealth to visit. A trip with a boat to the islands of the Ionian and the coastline of the mainland is a dream of life. The area is one of the most exploitable tourist areas in Greece for decades and has a great infrastructure for every traveler. There are large marinas in the larger islands as well as in the continental coast, at a very short distance from airports and major urban centers. Renting a boat in the Ionian Sea is an easy process. At TimeToSail, we showcase selected boats that their owners keep in excellent condition. You can make a reservation through our website for a sail or motorboat, with or without a skipper (if you have a license).

 Renting boats from private individuals is very common in Greece and is an emerging form of vacation. TimeToSail chooses for you the boat owners who are excellent professionals, hospitable, friendly, and experienced to guide you to the secrets of the Ionian Sea.

Why choose boat rental in the Ionian Islands?

Firstly, one should consider that the Ionian Islands archipelago consists of seven major islands and dozens of smaller ones. Each island has dozens of beaches with sand or pebbles, turquoise waters, and the coasts are usually covered with trees that reach the waves. A Mediterranean paradise with caves, picturesque fishing villages, castles and thousands of places to enjoy the Greek sun. The area satisfies the interests of every visitor and the friendly locals will become your friends for life.

Start your exploration from Corfu, Preveza, Lefkada or Zakynthos, places that have major airports with connections to all major European cities. Each of these regions has large marinas with all necessary infrastructure. Many private yachts in these areas are available for short escapes and events. Specialized personnel are also available because the area is one of the six major coastal tourism centers that stand out in the country (Ionian, Cyclades, Dodecanese, Crete, Chalkidiki, Saronic).

Why renting a boat in the Ionian.

There are three main reasons to choose to rent a boat in the Ionian Sea. Firstly, it should be said that prices for services and products in this area are significantly lower and more beneficial compared to other popular destinations in Greece. The Epirus region located to the east and the Peloponnese region to the south, supply the Ionian islands with high-quality products from Greek land at very beneficial prices. The area receives a tremendous number of visitors every year, resulting in very satisfactory prices for every type of service.

The second reason to choose boat rental in the Ionian is the small distances between the islands, the marinas and the ports. You can easily visit two or three destinations daily, enjoy and admire the unique beauty and taste the Mediterranean cuisine of each place. Furthermore, you gain valuable time just by having all your stuff on the boat .

Renting a boat for holidays in the Ionian is a very good option for a vacation. You can see areas from a different perspective or even anchor at secluded beaches that can't be accessed by land or small uninhabited islands. Adventure seekers can explore caves that once housed pirates, historical sites and locations with breathtaking natural beauty, enjoy popular areas or take a walk on picturesque squares. The Ionian has it all!

Sailing information 

Sailing season: April to October is the best time for sailing trips in the Ionian Sea. Since the wind situation is usually relaxed, the Ionian Islands are very popular among sailors. 

Climate: Mediterranean climate. Warm, dry summers with very little rainfall from June to September. Temperatures usually between 22 - 34 degrees Wind: typical morning light breeze, afternoon 3-4 Beaufort, reinforced by the Maestro wind rarely up to 5-6 Beaufort. If the wind gets stronger, it is usually calmer between the mainland and the islands. 

Suggestions for sailing trips in the Ionian Sea 

One week sailing trip from Lefkada: Lefkada/Port - Meganisi (11 NM) - Ithaca/Vathi (20 NM) - Kefalonia/Argostoli (41 NM) - Kefalonia/Assos (28 NM) - Lefkas/Syvota (17 NM) - Lefkas/ Port (15 NM) 

One week sailing trip from Lefkas: Lefkas/port – Lefkas/Syvota (17 nm) – Ithaca/Vathi (16 nm) – Zakynthos/Vromi (via Navagio, 40 nm) – Kefalonia/Lixouri (25 nm) – Kefalonia/Fiskardo (33 sm) – Lefkada/port (25 sm) 

 Arrival to the Ionian Sea 

If you would like to experience your sailing trip in the Ionian Sea, there are various options for your arrival: 


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