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Boat rental in Preveza.

Preveza is suitable for boat rental and due to its location, it is an ideal port for the Ionian Sea. Located at the beginning of the Ambracian Gulf, Preveza is a modern city in Epirus and a hub between the western coastline of the country and the regions of Sterea Greece and Peloponnese. At a breath's distance is the Aktio with the Marina of Kleopatra, the Aktio airport, and Lefkada, one of the seven major Ionian islands with the unique feature of being connected to the mainland with a floating bridge of just a few meters.

Why renting a boat in Preveza is an excellent choice.

The marina of Preveza has 300 berths for boats up to 45 meters in length. Additionally, there are 100 berths at the Marina of Cleopatra with the capacity of around 1000 boats. Many private boats are available for rent with or without crew as long as there is a license. At TimeToSail, we choose to collaborate with boat owners who keep their boats in excellent condition, are hospitable, friendly and experienced professionals. The boats we recommend for rent in Preveza will take you to the picturesque beaches of Ionian and offer you unique experiences. 

Plan your next trip to Greece and include some days for boat rental from Preveza as your base. The airport of Aktio is just seven kilometers away from the Preveza marina and from there the endless blue of the Ionian awaits you to explore it.

Renting a boat from Preveza because it is advantageous.

Preveza is a historic city and port of Epirus. With the completion of the Egnatia Road, the city gained easy and fast road access to all of western Greece as well as major urban centers such as Ioannina and Patra. Renting a boat from Preveza is advantageous for two very basic reasons, the prices and the distances. The area offers quality services and products at very satisfactory prices.

See the distances of Marina Preveza from popular ports of the Ionian

  • Marina Gouvia in Corfu (56nm) 
  • Marina Gaios in Paxos (36nm) 
  • Marina Nidri in Lefkada (27nm) 
  • Marina Fiskardo in Kefalonia (35nm) 
  • Marina Argostoli in Kefalonia (49nm) 
  • Marina Ithaki (45nm) 
  • Port of Zakynthos (84nm) 
  • Port of Parga (28nm) 
  • Marina Sivota (39nm) 
  • Port of Katakolo (102nm)

At TimeToSail, we're waiting to immerse you in the world of boat vacations. Trust our experienced staff, organization, and passion to offer flawless and beneficial services that will stay unforgettable.

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