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Yacht charter from Lavrio.

Lavrio is an excellent option for yacht chartering, near Athens ( 65 km ) and ATH airport ( 36 km ). Ideal for trips around the Saronic gulf & Cyclades islands, with access to entire Aegean sea.

At Lavrio marina, motorboats and sailboats await to take you sailing with or without skipper and crew (licence necessary). We've chosen top yacht owners and best-maintained boats to offer an unforgettable experience sailing the Greek seas, soaking up the sun and the Greek hospitality.

Search using the button below to find your dream yacht and start planning your Lavrio yacht charter today. Simply select Lavrion as Starting Location and diffine the day range you prefer. Set sail now with TimeToSail. Saronic gulf and Cyclades are waiting for you.

Yacht charter from Lavrio
Yacht charter from Lavrio

Why we recommend yacht charter from Lavrio.

Lavrio in a key position for yacht excursions

Located in proximity to Athens airport, Lavrio provides the ideal departure port for those seeking a luxury sailing holiday in the Greek islands. With easy access to Evia Island, the Saronic Islands, and the Cyclades, a yacht charter from Lavrio is the perfect way to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and explore the stunning natural beauty of the region. Whether you're a seasoned sailor or a first-time visitor, you're sure to fall in love with the yacht charter experience and the captivating scenery of the Greek islands. By using Lavrio as a base, travellers can explore the islands at their own pace while forging new friendships with experienced guides who can help them make the most of their adventure.

Lavrio, an important port from ancient times

Lavrio & nearby area (Lavreotiki) has scenery like a time travel to the past. Important port & wealth source of Attica since antiquity. Mines operating since 3000 BC with Greek mainlands' silver in ancient Athenian coins. Industrial exploitation during 19th and 20th centuries brought environmental issues, ending all mining in '92. Lavrio has been recovering ever since and become part of Athenian Riviera (south part of Attica).

The neoclassical era of Lavrio

In Lavrio , neoclassical buildings and restored historical industrial buildings (housing mainly cultural activities) still exist. Some of these architectural feats are the Machine Shop and Foundry of the Laurium Metallurgists, and TPPL (National Technical University of Athens), located in the former powerful French Mining Company of Laurium.

Lavrio mining dock

Where Lavrio stands today for Greek yacht charters

Today Lavrio has become a popular touristic location, transporting millions every year to the islands. The two marinas of Lavrio accommodate sailing and motorized boats and yachts of all types. Around them there are hundreds of businesses that provide services, infrastructure and support. This makes Lavrio a welcoming and suitable port of departure for short excursions in the Aegean. On our website you can find all the necessary information for yacht charter from Lavrio .

Yacht charter from Lavrio
Yacht charter from Lavrio
Yacht charter from Lavrio

Explore the Aegean by chartering a yacht from Lavrio.

Start your journey by chartering a yacht from Lavrio, setting a course for one of the popular destinations in Saronic gulf and Cyclades Islands. Travel along the path of ancient seafarers, feel the energy of the place as you pass through cape Sounio and its Temple, and discover every corner of our islands. Watch the sunrise and sunset on a yacht or lie on the bow under the Mediterranean sun, which in Greece has a special light.

Which famous destinations are close to Lavrio

Explore the islands of the Saronic Gulf such as Aegina ( 30 nm ) and Poros ( 32 nm ), the islands east of the Peloponnese such as Hydra ( 36 nm ) and Spetses ( 51 nm ) with a charter yacht or head to one of the popular islands of the Cyclades such as Mykonos ( 66 nm ), Paros ( 65 nm ), Tinos ( 55 nm ), Ios ( 86 nm ), Santorini ( 107 nm ), or less crowded ones such as Andros ( 54 nm ), Kythnos ( 26 nm ), Serifos ( 45 nm ), Naxos ( 75 nm ), Milos ( 66 nm ) and so many others. 

Sailing from Lavrio is the right choice

The Cyclades are an island group consisting of 32 main islands with large settlements, cities and infrastructure but also thousands of other smaller islands and islets, ideal for exploring. The closest one is at a distance of 2.5 nm from Lavrio and the furthest one at 118 nm.

Yacht charter from Lavrio will reward you with images and memories to last a lifetime. It is no coincidence that most people have ranked our country among the top places of preference for yacht holidays. For some, an island in Greece might end to be their permanent residence.

Find the best price for yacht charter in Greece.

Yacht charter in Greece offers a unique and unparalleled luxury experience that is unrivaled by any 5-star hotel stay. Not only does it allow you to explore the stunning and diverse Greek islands, but it also provides the opportunity to enjoy the freedom and flexibility of designing your own itinerary. 

An indicative price for yacht charter from Lavrio

Moreover, the cost of a yacht charter from Lavrio is remarkably affordable, with prices ranging from €100 to €115 per day per individual during the high season. Can you imagine the cost of a luxury room in Mykonos, Paros or Santorini during the same period? It is certainly many times the cost of staying on a boat. A yacht charter from Lavrio provides an exceptional and cost-effective way to experience the luxury of a private yacht and explore the Greek islands, all while keeping expenses under control. 

Yacht charter from Lavrio

Check available yachts/boats in Lavrio

Embark on a luxurious adventure from the marina of Lavrio and explore the breathtaking Greek islands with our selection of available yachts. Whether you prefer the classic elegance of a sailboat or the sleek luxury of a motor yacht, we have the perfect vessel for your unforgettable vacation. 

Our yachts are fully equipped with modern amenities and offer spacious and comfortable accommodations for you and your guests. Discover the crystal-clear waters and stunning landscapes of the Greek islands in style. TimeToSail is there for your luxury sailing holidays. Search using the button below to find your dream yacht and start planning your Lavrio yacht charter today.

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