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Boat rental in the Saronic Gulf.

Renting a boat in the Saronic Gulf is the best way to travel to the islands and explore the island complex closest to the capital Athens. Aegina, Salamina, Poros and Angistri are a group of islands with enormous historical and cultural heritage, picturesque harbors and friendly inhabitants. A little further south is the Gulf of Hydra and the islands of the Argolic Gulf, which are always combined with those of the Saronic Gulf on boat excursions. The close distances between the islands and the mild weather that usually prevails make it ideal even for more inexperienced sailors.

At TimeToSail, we provide the opportunity to rent a boat with or without a crew, as long as there is a relevant diploma. Choose one of the private boats we cooperate with and make your vacations on a boat with the best specifications. Plan your next trip to Greece by dedicating some of your days to renting a boat from some marina in Athens with destination to Saronic. You will be compensated by the images, unique landscapes and the overall experience on the boat. Save time as you will stay on the boat and see popular destinations from the sea with another perspective. Explore the sea of each island and visit small harbors and beaches that are only accessible by boat.

Rent a boat in Saronikos, why it's the best choice.

A boat has cabins for accommodation while it is also the means that will transport you comfortably to the destinations you have planned. The boat also gives you the freedom of movement even if you haven't previously made any plans. You save time as you don't have to wait to board on scheduled boats and operate on your own schedule.

The amenities provided by the modern boats we rent are equivalent to hotel suites, with significantly lower costs, depending on the type of boat. Even large boats can be rented by large groups, making the cost per person ultimately lower than a corresponding luxury hotel. Travel in style and comfort to the islands of the Saronic Gulf, or set sail for the nearby Cyclades and Evia. By renting a boat in the Saronic Gulf, you are at the center from which you can navigate throughout the Greek state.

At TimeToSail you can rent a boat and pick it up at one of the marinas in Athens, just a few kilometers from the center or the Eleftherios Venizelos international airport. Modern infrastructure in every marina and many stores around them can provide you with all the necessary things for any trip. Trust the experience and professionalism of our partners and discover the the joys of yachting. Saronic is a great departure point that will impress you.

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