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Yacht charter northern Aegean!

Yacht Charter North Aegean!
Less known but very interesting: the northern Aegean as a sailing area. The North Aegean covers the area north of the Cyclades and Samos. The beautiful eastern Sporades and in the far north the area between Chalkidiki and Samothraki are part of it. Many also include the scenic northern Sporades. Since they are particularly beautiful and particularly suitable for sailing, we have provided an extra page: yacht charter Northern Sporades!

Here you will find very well maintained boats for your sailing trip in the northern Aegean. Charter your sailing yacht from the experts in Greece in Keramoti, Kavala or Halkidiki-Nikiti. For the Northern Sporades please see the extra page.

Green Thassos, enchanting Samothraki, Lemnos, the island of wine and beautiful Halkidiki are very interesting destinations for your North Aegean sailing trip.

Of course, from Chalkidiki you can travel to the uninhabited Kyra Panagia as your first destination to the Sporades and enjoy the brightest Milky Way of your life at night. The two natural harbors Planet in the north and Agios Petros in the south are suitable for anchoring.

Alonissos National Marine Park is also nearby. Be sure to observe the strict environmental protections at the marine park.

From there we continue to Alonissos, Skopelos and Skiathos.

Sailing Weather

We distinguish 2 areas here:

  • The area from Thessaloniki and Halkidiki to Thassos and Samothrace is the calmest part of the entire Aegean in terms of weather. Light to moderate winds can be expected all year round. Mostly in the afternoon the northerly daytime wind turns to a strong southerly breeze, which dies down again at sunset. North-west winds prevail around Chalkidiki, east of Chalkidiki to Samothraki north-easterly winds. When the Meltemi is strong, high swells from the east occur east of the Athos peninsula, although the wind blows weakly. Best sailing area for beginners and families.
  • The eastern Sporades and the island of Skyros (belongs to the northern Sporades, but is further south) have similar wind and sea conditions as the Cyclades. Rough seas and strong winds are quite common around the islands of Samos, Ikaria, Skyros, Lemnos, Lesvos and Chios. In addition, the distances between ports and bays are relatively large.

Suggestions for sailing trips in the North Aegean

One week from Keramoti to Halkidiki:

Day 1: Keramoti-Limenaria 20nm/3h

Day 2: Limenaria-Amouliani 55nm/7.5h

Day 3: Amouliani-Vourvourou 8nm/1h

Day 4: Vourvourou-Porto Karras 35nm/5h

Day 5: Porto Karras-Porto Koufo 35nm/5h

Day 6: Porto Koufo-Aliki beach, Thassos 37nm/3h

Day 7: Aliki beach, Thassos-Keramoti 20nm/3h

One week from Keramoti to the North Aegean:

Day 1: Keramoti-Vathi beach, Thassos 8nm/1.5h

Day 2: Vathi beach, Thassos-Samothraki 30nm/5h

Day 3: Samothrace-Lemnos 40nm/6h

Day 4: Explore Lemnos or Lemnos-Agios Efstratios 20nm/3h

Day 5: Lemnos or Agios Efstratios-Limenaria, Thassos 60nm/8h

Day 6: Limenaria, Thassos-Keramoti 20nm/3h

Day 7: Check out

Two weeks from Keramoti to the North Aegean:

Day 1: Embarkation

Day 2: Keramoti-Samothraki 35nm/6h

Day 3: Samothrace-Lemnos 40nm/6h

Day 4: Explore Lemnos

Day 5: Lemnos-Agios Efstratios 20nm/3h

Day 6: Agios Efstratios-Skyros 50nm/7h

Day 7: Skyros-Skiathos 50nm/7h

Day 8: Skiathos-Skopelos 10nm/2h

Day 9: Skopelos-Alonissos 12nm/2h

Day 10: Alonissos-Kira Panagia 10nm/2h

Day 11: Kira Panagia-Porto Koufo 40nm/6h

Day 12: Porto Koufo-Limenaria, Thassos 50nm/7h

Day 13: Limenaria, Thassos-Keramoti 20nm/3h

Day 14: Check out



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