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Boat rental in the Cyclades.

Renting a boat for vacation in the Cyclades is a wonderful option. The Cyclades island complex covers a large part of the Aegean Sea. The 33 major islands and hundreds of smaller ones along with thousands of islets are a huge canvas to explore.

Dozens of small and large marinas host private boats that you can rent. For a boating holiday in the Cyclades, we choose friendly, welcoming and experienced boat owners who maintain their boats in excellent condition. In the Cyclades, there are all types and sizes of boats. Plan your next trip to Greece and rent a boat from Paros or Mykonos, located in the center of the Cyclades. Both Paros and Mykonos are popular top tourist destinations with airports, accommodation, entertainment and hospitality with millions of visitors from all over the world. Renting a boat in such an area is beneficial from every perspective and gives you the necessary freedom of movement for unforgettable holidays.

Why choose boat rental in the Cyclades.

We have gathered for you the most important reasons for renting a boat in the Cyclades

  • It is a wonderful way to travel with your companions to the islands. Modern boats provide a comfortable and safe journey for every destination and the Aegean Sea is a closed sea with the Cyclades having thousands of intermediate stops. Holidays with a boat in the Cyclades are for those who seek adventure but also comfort, luxury and privacy.
  • The region of the Cyclades includes some of the most beautiful islands in the world. The landscape is magically captivating and compensates even the most demanding traveler. The blue and white of the Aegean is reflected in the architecture and harmoniously combines with the Cycladic light and the stone of this ancient land. The submerged settlements, the tower houses, the scattered villages with their pottery, the fortified settlements, the neoclassical mansion houses, and the traditional Cycladic houses are elements of the landscape that one mainly encounters in this region of Greece. On the other hand, the superb beaches of the Cyclades are waiting for you to discover them.
  • The Cycladic hospitality and the famous Mediterranean cuisine of the place will excite you. Each island has something special that is produced naturally in the Cycladic land. Famous are the wines, the cheeses and many quality traditional sweets. The microclimate of each island plays a decisive role in the local gastronomic culture. Many raw materials are even products of PGI, that is, products of Protected Geographical Indication.
  • Traveling by boat to the Cyclades, you can visit historical sites and thousands of sights that are scattered on each island. The history of the Cyclades is lost in the depths of the ages as the islands were the crossroads of ancient cultures. The "people of the sea" remained in the collective memory of every Mediterranean people. The most productive period was between 3000-1000 BC, where the so-called Cycladic culture flourished here. Many conquerors, empires that left their marks on this land followed. By taking a break with a boat in the Cyclades, you can take a trip through time following the route of ancient cultures.
  • In each of the big inhabited islands you will find picturesque spots as well as bustling areas with restaurants, taverns, cafe bars, shops of all kinds, small or big traditional accommodations and modern hotel units. The Cyclades have it all! 
  • Renting a boat is a satisfyingly economical approach for holidays in the Cyclades, a very touristy area with islands such as Mykonos, Paros and Santorini that during the peak of the tourist season have significantly higher prices for all services and products. According to the accommodation possibilities of each boat, the cost per day and per person is smaller than the cost of staying in high-quality hotel units of the Cyclades.

Sailing information 

Sailing season

April to October is the best time for sailing trips in the Cyclades. Most sailors visit the islands in July and August. This sailing area is very popular with experienced sailors because of the strong Meltemi. The individual stages between the islands are not too long. Nevertheless, the Cyclades are considered a demanding sailing area. Mainly because of the Meltemi. 


Mediterranean climate. Warm, dry summers with very little rainfall from June to September. Temperatures usually between 22 - 34 degrees 


from June to September there is usually a very constant north-west wind, Meltemi. The Meltemi can often be very strong, up to force 7 winds, creating difficult conditions on the water. Jet effects can sometimes occur, then the Meltemi reaches up to 9 Beaufort. Strong currents of up to 6 knots can occur in the straits between the Cyclades islands. Wind gusts can often occur downwind. With the Meltemi you can experience wonderful trips on many days. On others it can be very challenging. Our advice: always carefully monitor the weather forecast and return to sheltered waters if necessary and only sail out in suitable conditions. Check local weather conditions locally as weather can be unpredictable. There are many websites and apps that provide up-to-date weather forecasts and information about wind and wave conditions. They are very helpful in planning sailing trips in the Cyclades. 

Suggestions for sailing trips in the Cyclades 

One week sailing trip from Athens (Marina Alimos): Athens – Kea/Agios Nikolaos (37 nm) – Kythnos/Fikiada (20 nm) – Finikas/Syros (29 nm) – Loutra/Kythnos (22 nm) - Kea (20 nm) – Athens (36 nm) 

One week sailing trip from Athens (Marina Alimos): Athens – Sounio (22 nm) – Kythnos/Fikiada (24 nm) – Serifos/Koutalas (21 nm) – Sifnos/Faros (21 nm) - Kythnos/Mericha (37 nm) – Athens (46 nm) 

One week sailing trip from Lavrion: Lavrion - Kea/Agios Nikolaos (15 NM) - Finikas/Syros (34 NM) - Serifos/Livadi (24 NM) - Kythnos/Mericha (22 NM) - Kea/Agios Nikolaos (20 NM) - Lavrion (16 nm) 

One week sailing trip from Mykonos: Mykonos – Tinos/Agios Romanos (14 NM) – Andros/Gavrio (26 NM) – Syros/Ermoupoli (29 NM) – Antiparos/Agios Spiridon (25 NM) – Paros/Naoussa (12 NM) – Mykonos (20 nm) 

One week sailing trip from Paros: Paros/Parikia – Antiparos/Peramataki (9 NM) – Ios (19 NM) – Santorini/Vlychada (26 NM) – Iraklia (34 NM) – Naxos (18 NM) – Paros/Parikia (16 NM )

Getting to the Cyclades 

If you want to experience your sailing trip in the Cyclades, there are different options for your arrival: 

  •  Flight to Mykonos: for detailed information see yacht charter Mykonos 
  • Flight to Santorini: Santorini Airport is served by many european airports (United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Austria, Swiss). It is about 20 minutes by car from the airport to the marina. If you have booked your yacht in Mykonos or Paros, there are daily ferries from Santorini there in the season. 
  • Getting to Paros: Paros Airport is served by only a few international airports. If there is no direct flight to Paros in your area, you can fly to Athens and from there continue to Paros either by plane or by ferry.

At TimeToSail, we take care of every detail for boat rental in the Cyclades. Trust your vacation with a boat by choosing from our website the one that meets your requirements. We are always there for you with consistency and reliable customer service.


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