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Boat rental in Alimos.

Renting a boat from Alimos can be the starting point for unforgettable holidays in Greece. Alimos is located in the so-called Athenian Riviera, the coastal strip in the south of Attica that extends from Piraeus to Sounion. Etymologically, the word Alimos comes from the ancient word "Als" which means sea.

The Marina Alimos is one of the largest marinas in the Balkans with the ability to accommodate 1064 boats. Along with the Marina Flisvos, which is located slightly further west, they are the main starting points for sailing enthusiasts and yachting enthusiasts. Renting a boat from Alimos provides you with all the possibilities you can have in terms of equipment and crew, as Athens and Piraeus, which are nearby, have everything you need immediately and in abundance of choices. Within easy reach are stores and services of all kinds, such as banks, restaurants, cafe bistros, and bars, car rentals, pharmacies, hairdressers, laundries, and organized beaches. The environment of the Marina Alimos is a pleasant seaside destination for relaxation, open to the public and designed in a friendly way for pedestrians and bicycles.

Boat rental from Alimos for excursions to Saronic Gulf.

The Saronic Gulf is the maritime area bordered by the straight line defined by Sounio to the island of Poros, just 28 nautical miles from Alimos. Along with the islands of the Argolic Gulf in the Peloponnese, the Saronic islands are ideal for unforgettable holidays in picturesque harbors and idyllic destinations. The Saronic Gulf has special maritime importance both for sea communications and also from the fact that it connects the Aegean Sea with the Ionian Sea, through the Corinthian Strait in the eponymous Gulf. Renting boats from Alimos is the right choice for multi-day holidays or short excursions to the Saronic islands.

Example distances of the ports of Argosaronic from Alimos are: 

  • Agia Marina 14nm 
  • Aigina Port 18nm 
  • Marina Perdika 24nm 
  • Angistri 28nm 
  • Methana 28nm 
  • Ancient Epidavros Port 33nm 
  • Porto Heli 26.5nm 
  • Ermioni Port 28nm 
  • Hydra Port 40nm 
  • Spetses Port 65nm 
  • Porto Cheli 69nm

Boat rental from Alimos to discover the Cyclades.

The Cyclades are an island complex that receives the most tourist visits in Greece, accounting for about 20% of the total tourist visits in the country. The 32 large islands of the Cyclades have cities and large settlements with infrastructure. Thousands of other smaller islands and islets await to be discovered with your boat. Renting a boat in Alimos is just the beginning of a beautiful adventure. It will take several years to unlock the secrets of the Cyclades and that is a strong incentive to return every year. Renting a boat will give you outstanding emotions, thousands of images of the magical Greek landscape and will make you live unique moments of relaxation and companionship that will remain deeply engraved in you. Moreover, friends you will make in Greece are friends for life.

By renting a boat from Alimos, you are in the best geographical location to explore the nearby areas of the Argosaronic, to set sail for the Cyclades, Evia, or head west to the Ionian. Four options for unforgettable experiences!

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